Indulgence Corner: Lotte Smart Cone Ice Cream

I’ve decided to start a new section based on my goal of trying every new ice cream I come across. It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, the good thing is that I actually haven’t stopped by the market since last weekend and I refuse to buy more ice cream until I’ve finished the ones I have. As for buying the individual ones on the go, I’ve only really been to school and I’ve resisted entering those convenience stores. :/ It’s hard. Anyway, my purchase was one of those ice creams that came with a freebie the first weekend I was in Daejeon. In this case, I bought this pack of large cone ice creams – and it came with this:

The box of ice cream. ^^

Yes, it’s called the Smart Cone (Vanilla and Walnut flavored). It’s a miniature cone and I personally finish it in three bites. >.> Okay, I take my time with the ice cream on top because I don’t fancy giving myself brain freeze, but the cone part only take two bites for me to completely demolish the thing. It annoys me how it promotes the whole “small is beautiful” ideal which translates to “skinny is beautiful” – but it’s ice cream. There is bound to be calories in the product and weight gained in the buyer. I guess it makes you feel a bit better? Well, I feel like I deserve a bit of sweetness in my day so I snag one after dinner. I’m actually on my second-to-last cone until I start on the Big Cones. I’ll do a separate post on them when the time comes. ^^

The Smart Cone - Unveiled!

Anyway – back to the cone. Like I said, it’s downs is how small it is (which I can see as being a good thing as well). It tastes pretty good though I get a distinct chocolate feeling from the ice cream itself – was the chocolate syrup that overpowering or was the amount of the syrup roughly equal to the amount of ice cream in the minuscule cone? Maybe they just felt like sticking the word “vanilla” on the box and adding mixed ice cream in it. Perhaps for this batch of ice cream, someone accidentally slipped in some chocolate flavoring? Even though the ice cream doesn’t look like the picture on the box, as if it ever does, it’s still pretty good and I always had a soft spot for ice cream in waffle cones except they were always so expensive. 😦 Well, I’m in Korea and I’m living alone. When I feel like indulging, I will indulge! Plus this was a freebie so I got two for the price of one. :] So, hah!

Also: one thing I love about desserts (and juice!) in Asia is that it’s never as sweet as its Western counterparts. 🙂 So I already feel less guilty eating them. It’s a beautiful thing. ❤


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