Indulgence Corner: World Cone

I decided to push back my grocery shopping to today. Funny enough, after I ate my breakfast of cereal, I fell back asleep. Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling under the weather and although my cough’s been a constant every once in a while, my nose started to develop problems again. It’s stuffy. šŸ˜¦ Anyway, I ended up visiting this pretty cool market, Nonghyup Hanaro Mart (ė†ķ˜‘ķ•˜ė‚˜ė”œė§ˆķŠø), that’s about a ten minute walk from my place. There’s also a Nonghyup Hanaro Club, a Korean version of Costco’s or Sam’s Club for it’s warehouse feel, though without the membership rule. They distribute Korean made and farmed products and merchandise so while some items (produce) may be cheaper, it really depends; for more information in English, I found this site. Anyway, I came home to drop off the stuff and decided I was very hungry. So I decided to make jjajangmyeon, perhaps my favorite Korean dish, with the ingredients I had just purchased. It’s currently 3:18 and while I’m waiting for it to simmer and soften some of the harder ingredients, I gave up and I decided to try out the next ice cream in my freezer:

The World Cone

Yes, it’s called the World Cone. I have no idea why, but it is. It’s also vanilla flavored and it is topped with nuts with a nice swirl of chocolate. The ice cream itself is interspersed with little surprises in the form of miniature chocolate balls and it is long. It’s probably three times the size of the Smart Cone and you know how you hate it when your ice cream cone drips at the bottom? No fearing to be had here! At the bottom, they added a little plastic bit that catches any drips. šŸ™‚ The Koreans do think of everything, don’t they? I also love it when you buy drinks at the convenience store and they give you a little straw. The same goes for ramyeon; they provide the chopsticks.

The World Cone - from the North Pole

The World Cone: The Full View (Almost)

I think of the World Cone as a bigger version of the Smart Cone – and better. The Smart Cone gives you a hint of the yummy goodness of the ice cream. The World Cone lets you know the yummy goodness of the ice cream in a rather intimate way. The chocolate on top was delicious and I was a bit sad it didn’t run all the way down into the cone. The ice cream itself was also delicious and the chocolate balls in it gave something interesting to the texture. The cone towards the top was slightly soft but starting from the middle was delightfully crunchy. I was in heaven for the 6 minutes it took for me to finish the cone – and to think, I have five more left. :]


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4 responses to “Indulgence Corner: World Cone

  • teehee

    i totally read this and went out and bought one. mm so good…

    • airiseu

      haha… seriously?? IKR? ^^ IT IS GOOOOOODDD.

      Of course, it’s now my luck that I’m officially sick and I have a cough. That means I have to lay off cold and sweet things (NO ICE CREAM!!!) as well as dairy. šŸ˜¦
      Whatever will I do with the two liters of milk I just bought? D:
      I love dairy too much. :/
      I’ll never stop!!! ā¤

  • teeheerah

    yes seriously!
    and nooo!!! i hope you feel better soon =[
    life without ice cream is meaningless! MEANINGLESS!
    and by ice cream i mean kpop… maybe. because that is what my life is all about these days. *facepalm*
    i’ll work hard to have a real life soon… xD

    • airiseu

      I feel the same way, too. I still have five more World Cones in my freezer. D:

      LOL…. it seems like life this week is about work, what with the three hours of training after work. Ugh. On the contrary, I NEED MORE KPOP!!! haha.. šŸ˜€
      Let me know how that goes! šŸ˜‰

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