Indulgence Corner: Lotte Ggamakun Gold

I finally finished the waffle cone ice cream and while they were absolutely a delight to consume, it’s time for the next generation. This time, I purchased a two-pack of ice cream bars that were once again buy-one-get-one free. 🙂 The difference: these are the ones in the aluminum bags, the packaging of choice for Korean ice cream. ❤

Just LOOK at it!

It’s a Lotte brand ice cream called Ggamakun Gold and underneath it, there are the words “Black Crunch Bar”. Honestly, those words make a lot of sense. It’s essentially vanilla ice cream studded with these precious gems of chocolately balls of crunchiness that’s covered in a layer of chocolate and then rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs, rather reminiscent of Oreos.

Look at it beckon to you. ...My preciousssss....

First of all, it’s full of win. With the first bite, you can feel your teeth sinking in between the chocolately bits of cookie and it finally cracks the hard, chocolate shell. Then you feel the cooling sensation as your incisors sink into the ice cream itself. It’s truly an amazing experience. Then — it hits your tongue and your taste buds explode in an avalanche of OMGIWANTMORE!!!! Or something like that, Either way, it’s still a mind blowing experience. I love the cookie bits, for one, and ice cream’s always good in my book. 🙂 The only downside is that it can get a little messy, but I think that can easily be overlooked. Also: no worries to be had! It’s not too sweet and is just right. Just thinking about it makes me want another one.


I killed it!!! ...With happiness. :

Alas, I just had one two hours ago. Sadness.
Must. Save. It. For. Tomorrow.


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