Indulgence Corner: Lotte Jewel Ice Bar

Ice cream is becoming a necessity after I get home from work and sometimes, I may indulge in one after taekwondo. Like tonight. Right after school today, I went straight to Lotte Mart because every other place doesn’t sell ice cream in packs, which seriously irks me. I can’t go to the store every day to buy just one individually wrapped ice cream product! What kind of ice cream fiend would I be?? Well, I went out and got a two pack – one of those 1+1 ones (aka buy one get one free) and on top of me obtaining twelve bars of ice cream, one of them happens to be a healthy one!

The red tape attached it to the other bag. ^^ Ignore it.

It's simple and the colors are subtle; rather calming in a way. Definitely cooling. ^^

You heard me right; I said healthy. On the back of the bag, it proudly states that one bar contains 15 mg of vitamin C and 2.5 grams of dietary fiber – not to mention how it’s only 70 calories per bar. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it turned out to be pretty good and thirst quenching, though I still downed a cup of water to top it off with all the sweating today’s workout gave me. Basically, it’s name isn’t misguided. It’s sort of subtly sweet and slightly tangy – somewhat reminiscent of frozen yoghurt but a bit more watered down. Scattered throughout the stark white bar itself are these pastel-colored cubes. I thought they would be like jello, but they aren’t. They are literally lightly colored ice cubes that gave a nice, crunchy texture to the somewhat softer and sno-cone like white mass that surrounds it. I know because I wasn’t expecting it so the first cube almost fell onto the ground and the second cube did end up on the ground. >.> I quickly picked it up and popped it into my mouth; five second rule and all, haha… Can’t go around wasting edible things like that and definitely not ice cream.

My ending verdict? It’s a good, simple bar that makes me feel better than eating the real ice cream bars that contain probably twice the amount of calories. It shall be my post-taekwondo bar! Either that or on my next trip, I quickly find another ice-based bar to fulfill my sweet tooth and need for cooling down…

I also need to figure out how my AC works before I really need it.


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