Indulgence Corner: Bungeossamanko

I love the fish-shaped pastries here. Last week, I was on a mission to get ice cream but I places I went to only had individually-sold ones. I decided to get two different ones to last me until I could go to Lotte Mart to get a nice-sized box of the cold treats. This was one of them… because I love the pastries, why not the ice cream?

Bungeobbang in ice cream form. ā¤

Instead of the soft, thin dough-crust surrounding a sweet bean mixture, there’s a light, rice-based “shell” surrounding a thick layer of vanilla ice cream and a 1.5 mm thick layer of a sweet, vaguely bean-y spread. Yes, that picture is somewhat misleading.

I wanted to kiss it goodbye... and took a chunk of his face instead. :/ Oops.

I thought it was pretty good. It’s a good size and I’m glad the picture was misleading. The ice cream wasn’t all that sweet but the bean layer was – in fact, I actually ended up drinking some water after finishing this animal-friendly fish. The design’s cute and I love the outer shell since it gave it a nice texture and something to crunch into. The shell, however, is somewhat like two parts coming together so it moved from time to time, threatening to open and spill out its precious cargo, but that was it. šŸ™‚ Nothing spilled; I wouldn’t let it. Now, my only comment is if they lightened up on the sugar they added in the bean, I would love this a lot more. Also: I always see it in packs of five or six for around 5,000 won, give or take several hundred won, depending on where you go. Isn’t that a bit steep? :/ Even for a snack favorite?


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