Mama’s Pie

I was visiting one of my friends in the city earlier today and she told me about this cute little mom-and-pops place that sold pies. There are some things you can’t really get in Korean and authentic, North American pies are one of them (unless you make a trip to Costco). It’s a nice little place off the main road and around a 5 to 6-minute walk from Timeworld Galleria in Dunsan-dong by the name of Mama’s Pie (and yes, it does bother me how the name suggests “Mama” only has one pie). There’s also a really nice-sized terrace with some seating and tables offered, topped off with umbrellas to fend off the sun’s harmful rays (un-pictured).

Inside, the place is decorated with cushy chairs and other items that remind me of a cozy cottage. There’s even a counter-type seating by the window, which was where we chose to sit. There are polaroid photos everywhere and the window’s decorated with drawings. On one wall, there’s a bookshelf and above that is the menu that they offered, which ranges from drinks to pies at fairly reasonable prices – especially for the location.

My friend and I had originally planned to go there for some coffee and a brownie as well as to look at some of the items they offered. We had brought along a slice of pumpkin pie to eat while there that we had purchased earlier that day at Costco, in the name of Thanksgiving (although she’s Canadian) and cravings that needed to be satisfied and put to rest. However, there was a layout of their pies and even samples. We gave in and proceeded to get a bit more than we anticipated, in addition to our pumpkin pie.

I took care of my pumpkin pie fix the week before, but there’s no such thing as too much pie. I, however, remembered the brownie I had the honor of tasting at a popular coffee shop in Seoul’s Kangnam so I suddenly felt like I needed a brownie. However, as you can see, their pies are more along the lines of what I would consider a tart, but it’s still amazing. Their lemon meringue was simply fantastic. The crust was melt-in-your-mouth, the lemon filling had just the right amount of tang and sugar, and the whipped and lightly toasted meringue topping was light and fluffy, which complemented the filling beautifully. As for the brownies, Korean brownies tend to be more on the side bordering “cake”, but it was still good with a subtly sweet taste. I loved it all. As for the Americano… that was supposed to be a Latte, but they heard wrong and they added another one on the house. I liked it fairly well and they had added just enough syrup so I could still taste the bitter undertones of coffee. However my friend said it was too sweet for her to finish.

In the end, I’m definitely going back again. 🙂 The owners were really nice and seemed taken aback that we weren’t Japanese, like she had originally presumed, and on top of that, we were teachers, haha.

Iced Americano = 2,000 won
Lemon Meringue Pie = 2,500 won per slice OR 18,000 won for a whole pie
Brownie = 1,000 won
Total Bill: 5,500 won


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