In an attempt to pull myself out of these seemingly random waves of South Korea Withdrawal, I’ve commence to put into action a series of events and happenings that will slowly, but surely, take me back to liking America again. This will be code named Operation Bubbles and the first part is actually here, on my new wordpress called Pi-ary.

I had heard about this awesome idea of recording one’s life one day at a time through a picture per day. I will essentially be doing this but I will start of with a picture per day that will showcase something – anything that I missed in America. Hopefully, this will pull me out of these feelings of sadness that overcomes me…

…like when I needed to empty my bladder the night before and was reaching for the button on the side of the toilet (Korea) as opposed to the lever in the front (US)…

…and when my Internet refuses to work and when it does, it’s slow…

…and the resulting thought that there were no longer cafes right by me for my fast Internet needs…

…and the loud people everywhere…

…the monotonous green of American bills…

…not to mention the lack of reliable, public transportation…

I really can go on but I’m sure this isn’t going to help myself. Anyway, there will no longer be posts about me and my Post-Korea life other than posts about events that happened during my stay in Korea, after I came back from the peninsula. 🙂 If you’re that bored, feel free to move on over to Pi-ary. ^^


About airiseu

I'm a 29-year-old waiting for my next adventure to find me while I document random thoughts and bits of life that I encounter. View all posts by airiseu

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