During a rather unexpected break in between my academic endeavors prompted by one-half of my parental units, I decided to do something that most likely made said person regret her decision: apply to teach English in South Korea (via EPIK). Amazingly enough, I applied and got in! I honestly don’t know why it’s all that surprising to anyone who truly knows me; I just can’t seem to stay in one place for too long without feeling restless – it must be the inner rebel in me rearing up its head… or it could just be the budding anthropologist within and the fact that I just love to do major spontaneous things to myself.

It’s just my luck that the two Koreas aren’t quite frolicking through a field of daisies, hand-in-hand, at this point in time and my parents think I’m going over there only to be blown up into smithereens by a nuclear warhead launched by South Korea’s favorite, beloved (and only) neighbor to the North.

Either way, once I figure out how to work this, the main purpose of this blogging device is to record any strange, interesting, and amusing situations and/or adventures I find myself in – whether it be how I face a class-ful of students who won’t understand a word I’m saying when I don’t know how to teach in the first place, my first time ordering vegetarian food in one of the most meat-a-holic countries out there (oh, did I forget to tell you? I’m mostly-vegetarian ^^), all the way to attempting to bargain when my grasp of the native language is limited to reading and rudimentary phrases, and even if war does break out between the Two Koreas (which I highly doubt). It shall all be recorded down for all to laugh at and for myself to laugh at three years in the future, because it somehow slipped my mind to do so on my last trip out of the country, which saddens me, so I shall attempt to rectify it ASAP. Just don’t point and laugh – it’s rude.

In the end, it all comes to one thing: I’m excited to be taking on this next great adventure.
Bring. It. On.

THE BARE MINIMUM (for those on the go)–
Name: 아이리스 (Airiseu) by romanisation, 서혜민 (Seo Hye-min) by hanja translated from my Chinese name
Age: 22 23 😦 24 😦
Gender: female
Occupation:  wandering college graduate/English teacher
Hobbies: reading, languages, traveling, exploring, sleeping, cooking/baking-n-eating, music, dramas/movies
The Ups: the different always brings spice into life
The Downs: the occasional misunderstanding and potential problems that may arise from a language barrier… and how can I forget about my short vacation days – especially when compared with the Korean teachers?

EDIT: As of February 2012, I am no longer residing in South Korea. Even as such, I will make a 24-day trip back to Korea in October. Whether or not I’ll post those Korean October adventures on this wordpress are currently still up in the air.


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