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FF: Firsties and Food

My personal shoe cubby's on the top right. The only one in English. ^^

If not for the fact that I had a first-grade class today, I would have just dropped my shoes off my in shoe cubby and desk warm the entire day. I honestly hate desk warming. The fact that you have to sit there and occupy yourself with nothing else to do is a pain. On top of that, the computer you’re “assigned” to is also slow – if not the slowest – and it doesn’t even connect to the printer. That makes the moments when you feel like being productive and planning ahead for future lesson plans even more difficult. Most of the things I look up include videos and I test run a lot of them to find fun, interactive, catchy, and exciting ones. After all, I don’t want to be bored out of my mind, teaching the same thing over and over again to that grade level. It’s also a bad thing when they’re bored, if not worse. There are some pretty neat materials out there that make me question why I’m looking up kid songs and attempting to train myself to be happy and overly-animated (still very much work-in-progress). My personal favorites are The Hello Song and the Alphabet Song. The fifth graders are learning the Lemon Tree Song and the sixth graders are learning the Pizza Song.

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