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The Sad Truth

I regret to admit to how I haven’t been keeping up with this blog of mine for the longest time and now, I’m actually back Stateside (I got back last night and haven’t really been experiencing this so-called jet lag that people tend to suffer from after a long flight). This will be a short post seeing how tomorrow’s another busy day of my Texas friends trying to help me re-acclimate myself back to American life and because – interesting change of lifestyles – I’m no longer obligated to anything else so I’m in charge of cooking dinner and doing household things. ^^

I just want to put it out there that I’ve been busy the past couple of months trying to fit everything in and being busy, as usual. There’s school, camp, then vacation to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Then there’s the last-minute frenzy of trying to fit everything in I think I would miss before I leave, as well as other official things. However, I will continue to update this blog as I see fit for those things I didn’t have time to upload photos and post about them in a timely fashion, though they will all be categorized as “Post-Korea”. I will note the date that they occurred, if the photos I put up does not show a time stamp. I will also try really hard to remember everything, but remember that by this time, things aren’t as clear.

As for how I feel to be away from Korea… let’s just say that I caught myself browsing through my old posts on this blog and I’m rather depressed to be back. I’ll elaborate more later. 🙂 As for now, just know that I have plenty of free time here so I should get them all up soon; I’m giving myself two weeks off to try to get over this lingering sense of depression and get back to work and applying to grad school.


Capitalistic Fanatics Galore

We all hear of those fans who get really crazy. You know – the story of the Stalker Fans who know everything down to the license plate numbers of the cars you ride in, in addition to your own personal car to those who get in line over 24 hours before a concert… though I’ve heard of people camping for a grand opening for Target. So I guess it isn’t all that far-fetched. 😉 Not the point, well, on the thirteenth of October, I experienced this first-hand. Not for the first time as I waited almost 9 hours to get into Inkigayo, but it’s still a first.

I was going to try my hand at getting Super Show 4 tickets online.

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Something in Everything

When some of my friends found out that I would be coming to Korea for a year, I had several reactions that may be summarised through the following:

Envy: OMG. I want to go! I’m so jealous~~

Pride + Second-hand Happiness: This is going to be a great opportunity for you. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!

Sadness: I’ll miss you!!!!! >.< …DON’T GOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Worry: What if you’re there and North Korea decides to bomb South Korea????

Confusion/Incredulity: …wait. What’s in Korea, anyway? Why Korea??

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Nothing’s Perfect

When western society thinks of Asians, they think of how they make good grades, are good at math and science, how they general possess small eyes, and other generalised stereotypes. Interesting how most of them are academic-related, it’s also interesting to see how their education system works. Since I’m working within the system, I get a nice – and, at times, not so nice – view of how it is… or at least how it is in Korea.

Here are just a few points I noticed.

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it’s the little things

I wish I could say I’m a basic person but the truth of the matter is that I have exceptions to everything. I’m horribly set in my ways but when it comes to things that I haven’t yet encountered to made my mind about, I’m fairly flexible and may even come off as indifferent or even as a person who lacks opinion. I love adventure but I like it with a small group of people I know or even encountering little surprises by myself. I love to take pictures just for memory’s sake but I dislike being in pictures themselves. I like hanging out with others but only to an extent; I may participate and meet up at events but I also prefer being by myself or with one or two others. I love to learn new things but it had better be something I want to learn, though this is a fairly common ‘phenomenon’. I like my Coworker (not quite like that, but even if I did, I think that ship has sailed), but he’s starting to make me rethink things. Even as just a friend.

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New ‘Friends’ and Revelations

It’s forty minutes till midnight and I must share this.

You know my only male officemate? Well, he just left my apartment.

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Orientation Pluses

All mandatory things have their downsides. They usually consist of schedules and some sort of structured format that includes doing things you would rather not do, if given the chance. However, there is a bright side (there’s always a bright side – you just need to look hard enough).

As an EPIK teacher, we’re pretty much employed by the Korean (Provincial/Metropolitan) Ministry of Education, depending on where you’re headed. Basically: you’re employed by the government and will be teaching in a public school. Now, when we think of the Korean education system, we automatically think of Asian students; they’re pretty much do nothing else but study, probably first encountered calculus in middle school, and their system is based on memorising and spitting out information (almost) word-for-word. In order to get a good picture, I’m going to embed some pretty amusing (and sad but true) videos about Korean school life that was shared in one of my lectures yesterday…

Life in a Day of a Korean Middle School Student

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