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Indulgence Corner: Bungeossamanko

I love the fish-shaped pastries here. Last week, I was on a mission to get ice cream but I places I went to only had individually-sold ones. I decided to get two different ones to last me until I could go to Lotte Mart to get a nice-sized box of the cold treats. This was one of them… because I love the pastries, why not the ice cream?

Bungeobbang in ice cream form. ❤

Instead of the soft, thin dough-crust surrounding a sweet bean mixture, there’s a light, rice-based “shell” surrounding a thick layer of vanilla ice cream and a 1.5 mm thick layer of a sweet, vaguely bean-y spread. Yes, that picture is somewhat misleading.

I wanted to kiss it goodbye... and took a chunk of his face instead. :/ Oops.

I thought it was pretty good. It’s a good size and I’m glad the picture was misleading. The ice cream wasn’t all that sweet but the bean layer was – in fact, I actually ended up drinking some water after finishing this animal-friendly fish. The design’s cute and I love the outer shell since it gave it a nice texture and something to crunch into. The shell, however, is somewhat like two parts coming together so it moved from time to time, threatening to open and spill out its precious cargo, but that was it. 🙂 Nothing spilled; I wouldn’t let it. Now, my only comment is if they lightened up on the sugar they added in the bean, I would love this a lot more. Also: I always see it in packs of five or six for around 5,000 won, give or take several hundred won, depending on where you go. Isn’t that a bit steep? :/ Even for a snack favorite?


Indulgence Corner: Lotte Jewel Ice Bar

Ice cream is becoming a necessity after I get home from work and sometimes, I may indulge in one after taekwondo. Like tonight. Right after school today, I went straight to Lotte Mart because every other place doesn’t sell ice cream in packs, which seriously irks me. I can’t go to the store every day to buy just one individually wrapped ice cream product! What kind of ice cream fiend would I be?? Well, I went out and got a two pack – one of those 1+1 ones (aka buy one get one free) and on top of me obtaining twelve bars of ice cream, one of them happens to be a healthy one!

The red tape attached it to the other bag. ^^ Ignore it.

It's simple and the colors are subtle; rather calming in a way. Definitely cooling. ^^

You heard me right; I said healthy. On the back of the bag, it proudly states that one bar contains 15 mg of vitamin C and 2.5 grams of dietary fiber – not to mention how it’s only 70 calories per bar. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it turned out to be pretty good and thirst quenching, though I still downed a cup of water to top it off with all the sweating today’s workout gave me. Basically, it’s name isn’t misguided. It’s sort of subtly sweet and slightly tangy – somewhat reminiscent of frozen yoghurt but a bit more watered down. Scattered throughout the stark white bar itself are these pastel-colored cubes. I thought they would be like jello, but they aren’t. They are literally lightly colored ice cubes that gave a nice, crunchy texture to the somewhat softer and sno-cone like white mass that surrounds it. I know because I wasn’t expecting it so the first cube almost fell onto the ground and the second cube did end up on the ground. >.> I quickly picked it up and popped it into my mouth; five second rule and all, haha… Can’t go around wasting edible things like that and definitely not ice cream.

My ending verdict? It’s a good, simple bar that makes me feel better than eating the real ice cream bars that contain probably twice the amount of calories. It shall be my post-taekwondo bar! Either that or on my next trip, I quickly find another ice-based bar to fulfill my sweet tooth and need for cooling down…

I also need to figure out how my AC works before I really need it.

Indulgence Corner: Lotte Okdongja Ice Cream Bar

Spring is finally reaching Korea – or at least Daejeon – and it’s more imperative than ever to have a stash of ice cream in the freezer. Honestly speaking, though, is there ever a time when ice cream isn’t necessary? Exactly. Ice cream is always welcome whether there’s a blizzard outside or you’re dehydrated in the Saharan dessert. Or it’s just a particularly warm day out. Plus, I’m someone who decidedly dislikes weather that over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Okay, fine. The temperature starts feeling warmer than I’d like at around 70 degrees, but regardless of the details, the fact of the matter is that it’s getter warm here. This is when ice cream comes to the rescue. 🙂

The ice cream. ❤ This side is pictured because the other side has green tape running across it...

First thing’s first, I had no clue what 옥동자 (okdongja) meant so I looked it up. This was what I got:

옥동자 (玉童子)

  1. [Darling] baby boy
  2. Precious son
  3. The name of a narcissistic character

The anatomy of your deliciously precious baby boy.

Now that I know, I don’t know if I would have purchased it in the first place. Really? What about the daughter, huh?? Well, sexist names aside, let’s focus on how we’re eating precious, narcissistic baby boys. Like all other ice creams, I don’t think I’ll ever find one that I hate. However, I can’t say this was my favorite – nor can I say it was bad. As you can see, it’s multi-layered, which is something I love. You get more for you money: three different flavors all in one. My personal favorite is the hard chocolate shell. The white outermost layer appears to be milk flavored as it’s only faintly sweet, which is a good thing. The innermost ice cream is some sort of mixed flavor – I would say chocolate, but I honestly still have no clue what it is exactly. It’s sort of milk-and-vanilla-y but there are bits of some grainy stuff that reminds me of the sweet bean that is often found in Asian desserts but it also reminds me of oreo chocolate cookie chunks as well. O_o

The bar is a bit less sweet than other bars, which is saying something considering sweets in Asia tend to be more subtle, something I greatly enjoy. However, sometimes, you just want that sugar kick. I wouldn’t say you should throw out this bar completely, though. That chocolate shell is quite yummy, though it stops two-thirds of the way down where the innermost filling takes up most of it. The inside is intriguing and is still making me guess and the outside is too thin to truly register.

One matter still remains, though: why in the world is this ice cream named after beloved narcissistic sons?

Indulgence Corner: Lotte Ggamakun Gold

I finally finished the waffle cone ice cream and while they were absolutely a delight to consume, it’s time for the next generation. This time, I purchased a two-pack of ice cream bars that were once again buy-one-get-one free. 🙂 The difference: these are the ones in the aluminum bags, the packaging of choice for Korean ice cream. ❤

Just LOOK at it!

It’s a Lotte brand ice cream called Ggamakun Gold and underneath it, there are the words “Black Crunch Bar”. Honestly, those words make a lot of sense. It’s essentially vanilla ice cream studded with these precious gems of chocolately balls of crunchiness that’s covered in a layer of chocolate and then rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs, rather reminiscent of Oreos.

Look at it beckon to you. ...My preciousssss....

First of all, it’s full of win. With the first bite, you can feel your teeth sinking in between the chocolately bits of cookie and it finally cracks the hard, chocolate shell. Then you feel the cooling sensation as your incisors sink into the ice cream itself. It’s truly an amazing experience. Then — it hits your tongue and your taste buds explode in an avalanche of OMGIWANTMORE!!!! Or something like that, Either way, it’s still a mind blowing experience. I love the cookie bits, for one, and ice cream’s always good in my book. 🙂 The only downside is that it can get a little messy, but I think that can easily be overlooked. Also: no worries to be had! It’s not too sweet and is just right. Just thinking about it makes me want another one.


I killed it!!! ...With happiness. :

Alas, I just had one two hours ago. Sadness.
Must. Save. It. For. Tomorrow.

Indulgence Corner: World Cone

I decided to push back my grocery shopping to today. Funny enough, after I ate my breakfast of cereal, I fell back asleep. Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling under the weather and although my cough’s been a constant every once in a while, my nose started to develop problems again. It’s stuffy. 😦 Anyway, I ended up visiting this pretty cool market, Nonghyup Hanaro Mart (농협하나로마트), that’s about a ten minute walk from my place. There’s also a Nonghyup Hanaro Club, a Korean version of Costco’s or Sam’s Club for it’s warehouse feel, though without the membership rule. They distribute Korean made and farmed products and merchandise so while some items (produce) may be cheaper, it really depends; for more information in English, I found this site. Anyway, I came home to drop off the stuff and decided I was very hungry. So I decided to make jjajangmyeon, perhaps my favorite Korean dish, with the ingredients I had just purchased. It’s currently 3:18 and while I’m waiting for it to simmer and soften some of the harder ingredients, I gave up and I decided to try out the next ice cream in my freezer:

The World Cone

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Indulgence Corner: Lotte Smart Cone Ice Cream

I’ve decided to start a new section based on my goal of trying every new ice cream I come across. It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, the good thing is that I actually haven’t stopped by the market since last weekend and I refuse to buy more ice cream until I’ve finished the ones I have. As for buying the individual ones on the go, I’ve only really been to school and I’ve resisted entering those convenience stores. :/ It’s hard. Anyway, my purchase was one of those ice creams that came with a freebie the first weekend I was in Daejeon. In this case, I bought this pack of large cone ice creams – and it came with this:

The box of ice cream. ^^

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