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Korean Lesson 2: Basic Sentences

Remember my first Korean lesson¬†way back in March? Well, school’s back in session!

My old Coworker and I have been exchanging emails and on our last one, we both noted how his English has taken a slight nosedive so a deal was put into effect once more: he would get to practice his English through our emails and I pretty much demanded that he teach me and allow me to practice Korean. He got right into it, haha.

Although it is on the more basic side, I decided since I’ve never taken a formal Korean language class before, I might as well start from the bottom to build up a somewhat stable foundation.

Like he stated before he began — from today let’s practice korean little bit.

** All names, if any, are made up.
*** Content has been cleaned up and organised for your viewing and my reviewing pleasure.
**** Somewhat off-topic: I actually learned how to write the HTML code for tables just for this post. ^^ I hate formatting.

An Introduction to Very Simple Sentences

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it’s the little things

I wish I could say I’m a basic person but the truth of the matter is that I have exceptions to everything. I’m horribly set in my ways but when it comes to things that I haven’t yet encountered to made my mind about, I’m fairly flexible and may even come off as indifferent or even as a person who lacks opinion. I love adventure but I like it with a small group of people I know or even encountering little surprises by myself. I love to take pictures just for memory’s sake but I dislike being in pictures themselves. I like hanging out with others but only to an extent; I may participate and meet up at events but I also prefer being by myself or with one or two others. I love to learn new things but it had better be something I want to learn, though this is a fairly common ‘phenomenon’. I like my Coworker (not quite like that, but even if I did, I think that ship has sailed), but he’s starting to make me rethink things. Even as just a friend.

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Korean Lesson 1

Many things have happened since I last posted, much to my annoyance, but to make things short, my Coworker and I are now friends, except our ideas of friends are clashing. He’s a lot more physical than I’d like, for one. However, we promised one thing: to teach each other our respective languages.

Today was our first lesson.

Him: Let me teach you about greetings. Most of them will be in the polite form.
Me: Sure!

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