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Revealing Ruminations, Resulting Revelations

NOTE: This was started approximately a month ago but had been saved as a draft since then. I tried to proofread it and edit as needed, but… I don’t want to dwell on the tougher moments of life. The following may or may not include everything I was feeling at the time, but consider it a rant and an insight to some things foreign teachers may go through.

It’s about time to make the ultimate decision of whether or not I stay or go.

This is also because the relationship between my Co’s and I have become more strained than friendly for the most part. It’s more like we’re used to each other and tolerate one another but we don’t truly care about each other rather than the superficial things that displays that we’re on speaking terms. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives and vice versa. In short, I just want to get it all over with. I still like my kids a lot but because of my Co’s attitudes, nothing’s as exciting anymore. It’s coming to the point where I just don’t care, though I’m under the impression a lot of fellow GETs are in the same fix as me.

It came to something of a climax on Friday during lunch when the one Co still eating started off a conversation where she told me that she didn’t want to tell me something and it’s hard to do, but she has to (this always means it’s something that may not very pleasing to hear – it’s a Korean thing that gets on my nerves most of the time but never fails to amuse me). Honestly, if it’s hard to do and you’d rather not do it, why tell me? It’s like they just make it harder for themselves. Just spit it out.

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The Dreaded 1st Post

I shall begin documenting the rather mundane process I have to go through before ~Korea~. Because it’s just that boring, I’ll make it to-the-point. This post is really for me, anyway. The bulk of my posts will begin when I’m, you know, there, finding everything utterly fascinating and blog-worthy. Otherwise, this is what you get.

I apologise for its two-dimensional, dull-to-the-max content.

Stuff That Still Needs To Be Done:

  • My background check is finally on its way to get all nice and apostilled.
  • Contract is taking its sweet time to get to me, so I need to wait for that until–
  • I can apply for my visa.
  • Then I can obtain my plane ticket.
  • I also need to go shopping (apparently, I’m expected to dress uncomfortably “nicely” there) and stock up on certain items (i.e. Burt’s Bee’s Pomegranate Chapstick)

List of Things I Need To Pack [in progress]:

  • Clothes (~5 6 7 shirts, 3 sets of PJ/stay-at-home-worthy garments, 4 pants, 2 jackets)
  • Work Clothes and other “nice things” (TBA)
  • Shoes (flip flops [1], sandals [1], tennis shoes/sneakers [2], work shoes [1 2], house slippers [1])
  • Undergarments and Socks and Others (7, 2 scarves, a pair of gloves)
  • Pellow ❤
  • Laptop + Backpack + Converter + Power Strip
  • Cell Phone + Charger
  • Miscellaneous (light reading, iPod + charger, snacks for the plane)
  • Food That Cannot be Found Cheaply/Readily in Korea
  • 2 towels + other toiletries