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Eyes in Korea

Along with the stereotype of how Asians are good at studying – I’m beginning to see why and how this came about, living and teaching here – Asians also tend to need visual correction. I, myself, needed the aid of glasses to see perfectly in the third grade. I got my first pair of contacts in the sixth grade because I got tired of my glasses slipping down or needing to take them off or put them on while changing for gym. Approximately 87% of my coworkers that I share a room with need glasses as well, but most opt for the visually-pleasing contacts.

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to dress up but since I’m the school’s first foreign teacher from North America, I’m the first one to bring up what they plan on doing for Halloween. It seems like they never had this happen before as their previous native teachers were from New Zealand and South Africa, respectively. Apparently, Halloween isn’t very big in either of those countries. Either way, I’m American and I like Halloween. The fact that I get some fun out of this doesn’t hurt, either. 😉 However, since this is somewhat of a new concept – though the after school department at my school’s also trying to do a little Halloween celebration – I decided to tone down my dress a little and so I wanted a little something extra to spice up my lack of festive clothing: colored contacts.

Today, I took a trip to the local optometrist to get my first pair of colored contacts. This was what I got (just guess how much  I paid for it):

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~Birthday in Korea~

Last weekend marked my first birthday in Korea. I was planning on having a small little celebration – perhaps even a private one. After all, my previous birthdays for the past couple of years all landed on test days and work days, so the fact that this was the first birthday in a while that landed on a weekend was enough of a celebration for me. However, that’s not the case. One of my good friends, my old orientation roommate, insisted on making it a big deal and had everything planned out. Food, cake, fireworks…

The TKD Crew.. and me.

She came in with our mutual friend, who I met through her, on Friday night. After taekwondo, we all went out with two taekwondo instructors and Daehan, the only other person around my age in taekwondo who comes in semi-regularly. I had invited them the night before and it turns out that they accepted. Well, we all got into the taekwondo van – the girls were running late – and went to a small eatery first. Instructor dropped us off and he took the longest time getting back. Turns out it was because he was getting me a cake. It turned out to be a Kim Yuna Blueberry Cake. The cutest little thing ever! However, when I said my friends were running late, it was more like they were on the way to Daejeon and then when I was done with taekwondo, they had arrived at the Daejeon Dongbu Bus Terminal. Basically, it meant that it would take them 45 minutes to get to where I was.

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[05.07-05.10.2011] SEOUL


What exactly did I do there? Well, I don’t know. Why don’t we take a look, shall we?

Green marks the places I've been to. Purple marks my next trip's destinations.

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I honestly didn’t know what to think about the city. I knew they spoke with an accent. I knew it was at the southern-most tip of South Korea. I knew it was really humid in the summer and that it was close to Japan. Perhaps even a small part of me knew it was a tourist destination and was famed for its seafood. Well, when I got there, I found all that up close and personal.

Green marks where we went. Purple marks future visit destinations.

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Save Meeee

You know that post of mine about how appearance really matters in Korea?

I think I’m succumbing to it. D:

These four items were among the 8 fashion-related things I bought today. O_O

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Conquering a Mountain but Yielding to Time

Meeting Place: Caf(f)e Bene

Today, I woke up early, Skyped with a good buddy momentarily, and got ready to tackle the great Gubongsan (구봉산), a nine-peaked mountain range that’s just south of my neighborhood. I walked the three minutes to Caf(f)e Bene to meet up with a couple other native teachers and forty minutes later, we were ready to go. Meanwhile, I ordered myself a hot cup of mint tea in an attempt to soothe my stubborn throat; alas, I still kept on coughing. I was eyeing the yoghurt smoothies. :/ It was a cute place good for meet-ups and they also sold waffles in addition to caffeinated drinks of the coffee and tea variety as well as other baked goods. The glass teacups they used were also most adorable, but they didn’t sell them though they did sell other items. Once everyone arrived, we walked our way down the main street and through a construction site and down what we thought was a path that led directly to the main hiking trail for the mountain. Well, that didn’t quite go to plan. We certainly went up on an incline but we were led to a dead end with a fence and these vines with wickedly sharp, needle-like thorns and I got a few souvenirs from them. We went back down, took a detour, and found the main road that a bunch of Koreans were trodding on.

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Home Sweet Home

It’s been a crazy past couple of days. People were frantic because of the practical of making your own lesson plan and following it in front of your peers and a ‘grader’ within 15 minutes. Then they also felt the need to go out and party (aka drink). My roommate and I wanted to explore but we didn’t know where to go, so I asked my EPIK staff member who told me he wasn’t from there but he did know a good place to drink. haha… Instead, I went to Lotte Mart two nights in a row. I also joined in on an event at a pizza-and-chicken place that included alcohol (big surprise). Then, of course, there was the cultural outing where we all experienced traditional Korean things like the mask dance as well as Jeonju’s famous bibimbap. It really was delicious. ^^


Delicious foooood. Veggie, of course! :

The amazing 3-D, realistic menu at Lotte Mart's food court. ❤

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Almost There…

Today is my only off day for the week that the Korean consulate was open so I made a relatively quick decision to visit the place today. Things were slightly delayed when I realised I had no clue where my mom kept the passports or my university diploma, so I ended up having to wait until she got home. With the guide of a roughly sketched map, I made my way over there; interestingly enough, it’s located right next to the Galleria.

Rough Sketch

My version of a GPS.

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