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Marathon – Me??

I like how people here like signing me up for things without truly asking for my opinion. (If you didn’t catch it, as it’s hard to through mere text, there’s a sarcastic tone present.) Sure, they may ask, but I think they just do it to be polite if they do. One such instance was for Hermes Camp. Now that I think about it, they didn’t even ask – my Co had volunteered me for it. I’m not exaggerating; she was at the meeting and she raised up her hand for me. Thanks for that. I don’t particularly hold it against her, but still!

Well, this habit appears to be a characteristic of Koreans, or so it seems. O_o My taekwondo instructor mentioned this marathon to me a month before. Next thing I know, he goes, “Iris, you go, yes?” Uh… how about “no, I’d rather not”? It’s just that I’m not really into running; I have a sense of self-preservation left in me. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because what I say doesn’t really hold, because three days before (the same day he tells me about the belt test two days later), my instructor excitedly calls me into the office to show me my running number.

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The Next Step Up

Okay, this post isn’t about that, but it is Halloween and my Halloween rocked at school. 🙂 So I thought I would like to share the joy. Onto the point of this post:

My life revolves around school and taekwondo – it’s a fact. However, it’s something I don’t mind too much. Well, it’s also because I use taekwondo as an outlet for whatever happens at school and a new thing I added to my life called an “active lifestyle”. I find I quite like it, since it keeps me on my toes. I’ve also taken a liking to the feeling of sore, aching muscles, but I digress.

My brown belt test was last Friday. I was informed two days before.

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Moving Up the Food Chain

No pain, no gain... or so they say.

Yet another taekwondo post, but a short one. ^^

This one is to be a quick report on my progress through all the aches, pains, two strained ankles, multiple bruises, and even that one… injured foot in China when I attempted to practice but I never got past jumping rope. haha… Funny thing is that I still enjoy every minute of it, although it does take a chunk out of my evenings. I mean – I leave my apartment at around 8pm in order to get there at around 8:20 in order to do the jump roping warm-up/exercise and then we move onto whatever else is on the agenda until the class officially ends at 9:45 and I get home by around 10pm. On top of how I can barely hang out with my friends without leaving early on weekday evenings, or even attend that Korean class, and it’s somewhat of a hefty 90,000 won a month.

Despite all that, the fact of the matter is that I love it. I can’t put my finger on it, though. I’m not the best – after all, a majority of them are already black belts and they’re my students – and having additional homework aside from the work I bring from school isn’t very nice. I can’t go to sleep early (at around 10) because I get back when I would like to sleep and I still have a shower to take and then I need time to let my hair dry. My Korean isn’t all that good, though it’s adequate enough to get the essentials, but not everything so I know I miss things here and there.

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Battling Emotions

I’m currently consuming my post-taekwondo workout snack: a cup of plain yoghurt and a tall, refreshing class of vinegar water (it tastes better than it sounds). I also indulged a bit tonight and ate a miniature yak-gwa, a kind of traditional Korean honey cookie. Anyway, back to the topic: taekwondo.

I started it in mid-April; April 11th, to be exact. I still remember the hesitation in going up those three flights up stairs, as the taekwondo place was on the third floor, because, well, it was completely new and I was delving into territory where there would not be anyone who would speak English. This isn’t all that surprising, since I live in Korea now, but I was planning on learning from them and I wanted them to understand me – so I learned a phrase from my coteachers: 성인반 있나요? It translates to, “Are there adult classes?”

My sister, fellow English teacher, both instructors, and I the last day of TKD before vacation.

I finally got up there and spoke with the head instructor who owns the place – I later learned he was to be addressed as gwanjang-nim – my second attempt and there were adult classes. I found out the essentials and I was to start the following Monday. I was psyched. I remember this was when That Guy #1 was pursuing me and I proudly told him what I had done. He wasn’t all too happy about it since it meant that I had less free time to myself and for him.

Then, approximately a month ago, I was informed that my instructors expected me to take the 1st dan black belt test in late September. That would make it roughly three months after I began. That is utterly ridiculous, even when I had the time to practice. The funny thing is that it seems like I’ve been taking taekwondo for ages, but when you count the months, it really hasn’t been. Even now, I’ve only taken it for 4.5 months and I was absent for approximately a month out of that because at around the time they told me of their expectations was when school camp planning started for me. When school camp began, it was no better… then my vacation when I was out of the country for two weeks.

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