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Of Decisions

I hate being sick. Ever since I got sick two weeks before my departure date for Korea, I actually don’t think I’ve ever not been sick. Granted, I just coughed on and off for a bit and everything else had died, but now, my sniffles have returned in addition to my on-and-off cough. Really? So I find myself completely drained every morning even when I do attempt to sleep early. I even took a nap earlier today after eating cereal for breakfast, which was what delayed my grocery shopping. I hate it. It’s not that I haven’t been taking my medicine, because I have, but my coughs never truly seem to go away until several months later and my sniffles – well, I don’t know what’s up with them.

I just want to go outside and enjoy the cool Korean weather before it starts turning warm. Like today was warm. There was a high of 60. I came back from my grocery run and I took off my sweater and long-sleeved shirt thing to only walk around in a tank top and I was still warm. Then I resorted to opening the windows and then I felt pleasantly warm. /facepalm Now I really can’t enjoy the winter weather with clear nasal passages. Sadness.

On the plus side, I made jjajangmyeon!

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